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The Disease Conspiracy

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  • The Disease Conspiracy

The Disease Conspiracy The FDA Suppression of Cures by Robert R. Barefoot

The Disease Conspiracy Contains Suppressed Clinical Studies on how Vitamins and Minerals Inhibit the
Growth of Cancer, Prevent Heart Disease, Diabetes, MS, Lupus and other Ailments

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The Disease Conspiracy contains suppressed clinical studies documenting how vitamins and minerals inhibit the growth of cancer and prevent heart disease, diabetes, MS, Lupus and dozens of other ailments. In other words, disease could be quickly wiped out in America in spite of the 100 year conspiracy by the FDA and drug companies to suppress this information. It also addresses the epidemic vitamin and mineral deficiency in the United States and explains why Black America suffers from the highest disease and mortality rates due to these deficiency.

Every decision, that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), and the American Medical Association (AMA) make, will ultimately result in billions of dollars in profits for the drug industry. The management of each of these organizations is intertwined with the drug industry to the point that there are enormous conflicts of interest.

Every year the drug industry has several drugs recalled because people are dying, hundreds of thousands have been killed to date, and nothing is said or done by these organizations that are supposed to protect the public. Instead, they spend enormous amounts of time and money trying to suppress the nutrient industry, even though no one has ever been killed by a nutrient.

The Disease Conspiracy

Also, even though their own best scientists are advocating that certain nutrients can indeed prevent and “cure” the worst diseases, they refuse to discuss or evaluate their findings, even though the drug industry itself has has on occasion called a nutrient a drug (such as vitamin D) and sold it for profit. Instead they try to incarcerate those advocating the use of nutrients to prevent disease, even though there is staggering evidence that the nutrients work. These actions to suppress the truth about nutrition by these organizations make their efforts a conspiracy against the American public, as most diseases can be cured by God’s nutrients. They also spend fortunes advocating that God made a mistake when He created the sun, as it causes cancer. This concept is disputed by our best medical researchers who advocate the the sun is crucial to good health. Thus, it is God versus the FDA coalition, which includes the major medical organizations. You will have to choose who is right, your doctor or God. It’s your choice!!

Today, we are at the beginning of a new millennium. All major disease can be wiped out. We can create a disease-free America, a disease-free world. To do this, we will have to break the back of the FDA, FTC and AMA conspiracy with the drug industry. To help accomplish this, get on the internet and read books like “The Disease Conspiracy” and “Natural Cures They Don’t Want You To Know About”. You will be amazed and dumbfounded at the enormous amount of information that is available about he FDA conspiracy to keep you from knowing about the clinical studies that prove that you can live a much “LONGER and DISEASE FREE” life.
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