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  • Prost-8

Prost-8 Formula for Men by Hampshire Labs

Prost-8 Formula for Men (60cnt) has 8 Powerful Healers that are Clinically Proven to Help Beat Prostate Problems by Hampshire Labs

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Clinical scientists in our lab gathered the right most powerful and effective natural male-health ingredients for PROST8 Formula. When combined, they work synergistically to create a prostate formula more powerful than any one ingredient by itself. The 8 Secret weapons against prostate problems are:

1) Beta-Sitosterol is widely known as the best natural prostate health nutrient available
2) Campesterol is a scientifically advanced phytosterol complex that also provides beta-sitosterol that is most effective for prostate health.
3) Stigmasterol and 4) Brassleasterol are added as a steroid hormone raw material
5) Isoflavones may prevent prostate cancer by hindering cell growth.
6) Selenomax should be found in abundance in a male’s reproductive organs. But levels decrease with age. Selenomax on PROST-8 Formula will normalize levels.
7) Zinc Citrate is needed for hormone production and supports a healthy reproductive system. Hence it is widely used to maintain normal prostate function.
8) Pumpkin Seed Oil has shown that it can reduce damage to prostate cells to reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer. It is also used to treat an enlarged prostate.

All men are eventually going to develop a prostate problem. It is the number one male health risk after heart disease. It nearly always causes urination problems. And it’s the leading cause of male sexual dsfunction. If you leave it untreated, prostate disease can lead to serious health and psychological problems, and early death!


As you reach age 40, urination and sexual problems are caused by the natural growth of your prostate. There is NO way to stop it. But there is a new discovery, used by ten if thousands of men in Europe that will eliminate embarrassing prostate problems!

This same miracle can protect you from, and help you overcome, prostate cancer without harmful drugs, dangerous surgery, radiation or damage your tissues.

Beta-Sitosterol is the main ingredient in PROST-8 Formula, which has been used for centuries to treat prostate and urinary problems. Each PROST-8 Formula tablet contains 300 mg of beta-sitosterol. That means.... you would have to eat 2 lb of the raw ingredient to get the same amount of beta-sitisterol as in ONE tablet!

Numerous scientific journals have published studies that prove beta-sitosterol is the most effective for prostate problems. Journals such as, The Lancet, European Journal of Drug Melab., and Anticancer Research.

There is some beta-sitosterol in you diet... but only in small amounts. Not nearly enough to help your prostate. Easing your prostate problems with PROST-8 Formula will allow you greater comfort and a full and active lifestyle. It may also save your life... Prostate cancers kill almost as many men as all other forms of cancer put together!

Shrink your enlarged prostate and restore sexual vitality - naturally!

If you, a family member or a friend suffer from prostate problems, or you are approaching or past 40, please consider taking preventive action. Unfortunately, much of the information by the medical community is distorted, false science that has led to early deaths and maiming of thousands of men. WHY...

The drug companies and the FDA have hidden natural healing information known to physicians in Europe and Asia so they can sell you invasive, even dangerous therapies and drugs... when all you need is an inexpensive natural supplement. Before submitting to the urologist’s knife, chemotherapy, or dangerous drugs, consider natural alternatives like PROST-8 Formula.
Prost 8 Ingredients
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