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Kens Best Aloe Vera (240)

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  • Kens Best Aloe Vera (240)
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Kens Best Aloe Vera by SLD Products

Kens Best Aloe Vera by SLD Products comes in capsules and contains 300 mg of pure Whole Leaf Aloe Vera

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Kens Best  Aloe Vera

 Fight inflammation throughout the body
 Supports joint health
 Ease pain
 Calms the digestive system
• Boosts the Immune System! 

Aloe Vera is one of the Lord’s most powerful healing gifts – a virtual pharmacy-in-a-plant brimming over with vitamins, minerals, polysaccharides, enzymes, and nearly 200 other compounds that fight inflammation, ease pain, and support healing. Aloe, which has been known for centuries, has been the subject of hundreds of scientific studies just in the past half-century or so. This research is helping us understand how this amazing natural compound affects our bodies, eases our pain, helps us deal with inflammation and speeds the growth of healthy new tissue. And now, science is beginning to unravel the secrets of another natural compound – derived from the heartwood of the American larch tree.

Another healing gift from God! 

Also known as Tamarack, American larch is a very tough and durable. The trees can resist frost to 65 degrees below zero. Algonquin Indians used the wood to make snowshoes (“tamarack” means “tree from which snowshoes are made” in the Algonquian language). Native peoples in northern Canada used the inner bark to treat cuts, infected wounds, frostbite, boils and hemorrhoids. Back in the days of corduroy roads, tamarack poles were the wood of choice because they were so rot-resistant.

The secret of the larch tree’s durability seems to lie in its heartwood, which is full of Arabinogalactan – a complex sugar (polysaccharide) that gives the tree its natural resiliency –helping it recover from shocks like lightning strikes and the alternate freezing and thawing that is typical of the boggy environment in which it thrives.

Polysaccharides are known to researchers as BRMs (biological response modifiers) and the studies on larch arabinogalactan have focused on its ability to support and strengthen your body’s natural immune defenses. It’s a good source of fiber and seems to have a probiotic effect, enhancing the growth of good bacteria in your digestive tract. Arabinogalactans are also found in Echinacea and medicinal mushrooms like reishi.

Larch has not been nearly as extensively studied as Aloe Vera has, but some of the research certainly suggests that in its own way, larch tree heartwood may soon become an equally vital weapon in the battle for a lifetime of health.

Works two ways to protect and heal!

Each Ken’s Best™ Whole Leaf Aloe Vera with Larch Tree extract capsule combines 300mg of high quality Aloe Vera Whole leaf powder with 25mg of ImmunEnhancer™ proprietary larch heartwood extract to give your body TWO important resources for optimum health. 

Aloe Vera fights inflammation and pain with salicylates; with anthraquinones like barbaloin and isobarbaloin; with the enzyme bradykinase; and with the beneficial fatty acids campesterol and B-sisterol. It’s loaded with vitamins, including B1, B2, B6 and C; with minerals like magnesium; and with natural anti-bacterials like urea nitrogen, cinnamonic acid, phenols and sulfur. And it contains magnesium lactate, which is known to inhibit histamine reactions like itching and ski irritation. ImmunEnhancer™ is a polysaccharide (a longchain sugar molecule) that that helps keep your body’s natural defenses strong.

Working together, Aloe Vera and ImmunEnhancer™ help your body defend itself, heal itself, and minimize the discomforts caused by inflammation and histamine (immune) reactions.

Kens Best Aloe Vera Ingredients
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