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  • Androx

Androx Libido Booster for Men and Women

Androx Libido Booster for Men and Women Helps Safely Stimulate the Body to Produce a Younger, Virile, Sexy Body

60 Capsules - 30 Servings

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Introducing Androx—the most powerful libido-booster and pro-hormone now available without a prescription.
Instead of replacing a man’s hormones, Androx stimulates the body to produce more of its own safe, natural supply. And not just testosterone. The ingredients in Androx also boost a man’s human growth hormone, DHEA, and the other important androgens that have been shown by medical research to keep his body virile, strong, sexy—and, yes, even “younger.”

Clinically-proven in human studies
Hundreds of human studies show that men with high testosterone levels enjoy longer life, better health, happier moods, fewer heart attacks, less prostate problems—and, last but certainly not least, a far more satisfying love life. As you’re about to see, the clinically-tested ingredients in Androx can enhance a man’s testosterone levels giving him self-confidence, his youthful strength and stamina and his studly swagger. But don’t take my word for it. Check out the impressive scientific studies below that PROVE it.

Here’s the science behind the remarkable ingredients in Androx …
There are quite a few sex-boosting products on the market today. Some contain ingredients that have a long history in folk medicine. Others are little more than modern-day snake oil. Their ads may promise to “enlarge your penis” … produce “rock-hard erections” … make you “last all night” … and “give you the sexual stamina of a 20-year-old,” but, scientifically speaking, most of these products are practically worthless. Some are even dangerous.

What many of these products have in common (besides their ridiculous prices) is a lack of scientific evidence to support them. Few of these “prosexual” supplements have good scientific research to back up their claims—especially in clinical trials. (“Clinical” means human studies.) But there are some testosterone-producing compounds that do have impressive clinical studies behind them. And these are the trusted, proven ingredients we’ve put into Androx. They include…

-Tongkat Ali: The Leader of The Pack
-Cordyceps: “The Himalayan Love Button”
-Epimedium: The “horny goat weed”
-Tribulus: “The energy generator”

Here’s what the hormone boost from Androx can do for you. It may help…
Enhance your brain’s ability to transmit chemical messages that trigger sexual arousal.*

-Pump up your sexual function and gives you a stronger, more vigorous sex drive regardless of age.*
-Increase blood and hormone flow throughout the body—especially to the penis, resulting in firmer, longer-lasting erections.*
-Halt the loss of lean muscle caused by declining testosterone and other androgens. *
-Improve your muscle tone and facilitates muscle formation.*
-Make weight loss easier due to increased metabolism.*
-Lifts your energy and stamina levels so you actually enjoy being more active.*
-Even out your emotions and helps you maintain a positive, upbeat frame of mind.*
-May help protect against heart attack, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and many other age-related diseases that are linked to declining testosterone and other androgens. *
-Plus much more: Help Improve your memory … may give you a stronger, healthier heart … boosts your immune system … and enhances your quality and enjoyment of life.*
-Works For Women, Too!
-When a husband hasn’t been sexually active for some time, many wives often withdraw into bitter resentment. A study done by the University of Chicago found that 43 percent of all women surveyed reported some sexual dysfunction, the most prevalent being loss of libido. If this happens, what good is it for a man to have his potency restored if his partner is unwilling—or unable—to share it with him?

Get closer with Androx

Testosterone is the hormone responsible for a woman’s sex drive, too. So taking Androx together can help a couple regain the sexual fire they had when they were dating or young newlyweds. This renewed physical contact can lead to new-found emotional intimacy, offering couples the opportunity to grow closer, heal old rifts, and enter into deeper companionship.

Of course, raising a couple’s testosterone levels isn’t a magic bullet for a wounded relationship—but it can be a big help. Think of it as a “booster rocket” that can blast a couple beyond the stale, heavy atmosphere of their past—and into a new realm of adventure and exploration.

Product Specification & Directions for Use 

• Enhances Libido* • Improves Circulation & Blood Flow* • Increases Energy, Endurance & Stamina* 

Serving Size: 1 capsule 
% Each capsule contains: Amount Daily Value 
Eurycoma Longifolia 50 mg * 
Jack-Eurycomanone (Freeze Dry, Purified Water Extract) 
Cordycepys 6% Adenosine 25 mg * 
Epimedieum 30% / 60% 25 mg * 
Tribulus 20% Protodioscin 50 mg * 

* Daily Value not established 

OTHER INGREDIENTS: Maltodextrin, magnesium stearate and gelatin 

DIRECTIONS: As a dietary supplement, take one or two capsules per day with a meal or as directed by your physician. It is generally recommended that this product be taken 5 days on, 2 days off for up to 8 weeks. Then 2 weeks off. 

CAUTION: Keep out of reach of children. Do not use if seal is broken or missing. Store in a cool, dry place.

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60 Capsules - 30 Servings
Country of Manufacture United States

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